Concrete Polishing Process

Are you ready to transform and protect your dated concrete surface? Our concrete polishing process is the perfect way to revitalize old concrete, and we offer the choice of four high-quality finish options.

Whether the project is your home driveway, the entrance of an upscale retail store, or the flooring for an expansive industrial facility, our polished concrete process provides excellent results. 

Our Complete Polishing Operation

Concrete polishing is a layered and detailed operation that involves numerous steps.

The first step is preparing the concrete surface by evaluating its condition, checking for any cracks or structural issues, and creating a clean, dust-free surface for us to work on. 

Once we have prepared the surface, we then proceed to the grinding phase. Using our high-quality professional mechanical grinders and diamond-impregnated segments, we continually grind down the concrete, exposing the aggregate within and creating a smooth surface.

After grinding, we apply a layer of concrete hardener that helps preserve the concrete, making it stronger and more resistant to physical damage. When the concrete is dry, we continue grinding until we reach the desired level of finish.

The Benefits and Applications of Polishing Concrete

The primary benefit of polished concrete floors is their polished and refined look. Many people also appreciate them for their exceptional durability and low maintenance needs, as only sweeping and occasional mopping are required. 

With just a bit of care, polished concrete floors will continue to look great while enduring heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions. 

Get Professional Concrete Polishing in Vancouver

At Concrete Polishing Vancouver, we provide professional concrete polishing services to residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Vancouver. Our team works with you throughout the process to ensure all needs are met and that the project meets your timeline.

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