Industrial Polished Concrete

We provide industrial polished concrete in multiple levels of finish, including:

(A) Marble finish

A polished surface with little to no aggregate exposure. Has some light sand exposure and is suitable for new concrete only

(B) Salt and pepper finish

Removes approximately 1mm of concrete surface by grinding and polishing. The grinding exposes the fine sand aggregate with no medium aggregate in random locations. There is some light aggregate exposure with some marble, making it ideal for retail stores.

(C) Medium finish

A deeper aggregate exposure removes approximately 2-3mm of concrete and provides a mixture of light to heavy aggregate exposure. This finish is typically reserved for remodel work where glues, adhesives, or other floors have been installed in the past.

(D) Deep grind finish

The deepest finish option which removes 3 - 5mm of the concrete surface by grinding and polishing. This results in the exposure displaying a large aggregate with little to no fine aggregate in random locations.

See the graphic below for additional information or contact us for further details.

aggregate concrete

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