Parkade Resurfacing

Managing a parking lot requires a commitment to its longevity and appearance. However, the extensive costs and time associated with a full re-pavement process often deter parkade owners.

The ideal solution is to opt for parkade resurfacing. When cracks appear, and parking lines fade, our parkade resurfacing services can return your lot to its full glory.

At Concrete Polishing Vancouver, we are the concrete specialists in Vancouver. Our proven process and attention to detail ensure your parking lot looks clean and welcoming to drivers.

Our Fast and Effective Process for Concrete Resurfacing

Resurfacing is a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for parking lots. It involves adding a fresh layer of asphalt (often between 1-2 inches deep) to address extensive wear and tear without the hefty investment of full repaving. 

The parking lot resurfacing process involves several steps. Initially, the existing site is prepared by removing anything on the floor, including parking barriers, speed bumps, and piping. 

After the surface is prepared, the top layer of asphalt is removed through asphalt milling, which often takes a day or two. 

Once the top layer is removed, the underlying pavement is repaired and smoothed, before a new layer of asphalt is applied. Finally, we seal and repaint the lines to complete the resurfacing process.

Beneficial Impact of Parkade Resurfacing 

A freshly resurfaced parkade instills confidence in car owners that their vehicles will be safe and cared for when they are gone. Additionally, by resurfacing, you are repairing cracks and deterioration and improving the lifespan of the concrete by at least ten years.

Our service is an investment that adds value to your property, and we deliver the highest standard of service on time and within budget. 

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Elevate the appeal and function of your parkade with our quality resurfacing services. At Concrete Polishing Vancouver, we prioritize customer satisfaction and focus on providing you with a parkade that looks great and stands the test of time. 

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